Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Church Planting Update

About a month ago Ryan Kelly, Desert Springs' teaching pastor, mentioned that I will be planting a church in a couple of years. Since then many have asked questions, such as, exactly when, where and what the church would look like. Not much has been said, by DSC or myself, but much has been simmering. More on that to come in the future, but this picture should give a hint as to what Jesus seems to be guiding us to...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Brooks on Obama and the Left and Right

I am not super political, I am not a passionate Republican or Democrat, and I find the constant arguing and debating a bit sad and embarrassing.

There are things I really disagree with the President on, and things he has done I am really supportive of, and that was the same with our previous President too.

I know being a Christian, a Christian minister on top of that, people assume I would be a strong right wing conservative, well you know what happens when you assume...

David Brooks, op-ed writer for the NY Times hits this on the head.

In a sensible country, people would see Obama as a president trying to define a modern brand of moderate progressivism. In a sensible country, Obama would be able to clearly define this project without fear of offending the people he needs to get legislation passed. But we don’t live in that country. We live in a country in which many people live in information cocoons in which they only talk to members of their own party and read blogs of their own sect. They come away with perceptions fundamentally at odds with reality, fundamentally misunderstanding the man in the Oval Office.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Move Over Rob Bell

Francis Chan has some "Nooma" type videos called Basic, coming out this summer...they look pretty sweet!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Great Post Game Interviews with Lobo Players

If you are not from NM, or understand Lobo Basketball, you may not realize how big of a win the game at BYU was. Growing up in NM, going to Lobo games since I was 9 years old, I can tell you, it was one of the biggest wins in NM history. To give you a little hint of the enormity of what is going on in Loboland, the day after the win over 1000 fans (some estimate 2000) showed up at the airport to welcome back the team.

Yeah, this is a special time to be a Lobo fan!

Here are some great post game interviews from guys on the team:

Props: KRQE 13

March Madness Is Here

This pic says it all...

Pic from: ABQ Journal