Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mark Driscoll Sermon on Temptation

Last Sunday night I went to Mars Hill Albuquerque and was very blessed a few different things. First I was blessed by the diverse crowd that sang out to our Lord, mostly young adults but they were young adults from all walks of life and that was awesome to see. Second there seemed to be a sense of brokenness and hope that covered the whole night, it honestly felt like the Holy Spirit was there empowering all of the night. Finally the night was centered around God's Word, Pastor Mark Driscoll spoke (via video although after 2 minutes you didn't notice that) on temptation. The temptations of Jesus in the desert and our own temptations here in this life.

The message was convicting, encouraging and Gospel centered. I was hit in the gut several times as I sat there listening to Pastor Mark, and I also was over and over again brought to the feet of Jesus as our hope, esteem and great Victor.

If you have some time, watch this sermon, take notes, talk about it with others, it is something we need to be thinking through in a fallen world.

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