Thursday, September 28, 2006

Not my parents theology...

I grew up catholic, got baptized as a infant, recieved my first communion, got confirmed, and went to a Catholic high school. So it goes without saying that where my theology (the theology of Martin Luther, Calvin, Owen and Piper) is now and how my parents raised me are not alike, although now by God's grace my parents attend Desert Springs Church where I go. My wife on the other hand did grow up in a evangelical Christian home. Her parents were part of the "seeker-friendly", "personal relationship" generation. It is kind of a purpose driven culture, although they are more reformed than most their generation.

All this being said, it seems that a new generation is rising up that is more focused on God's Renown, on His Glory.A passion to let scripture be scripture, and just want to know what it says. Also on the rise is a passion for old dead guys, such as Luther, Augustine, Martin Lloyd Jones, Calvin, Spurgeon and Edwards. Also a rise in Puritan theology and study is having a rebirth, so to speak. The article
  • The Young, Restless, Reformed
  • says it a lot better than I can, it is a good read, so enjoy.

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