Thursday, March 20, 2008

August Rush Is An Amazing Movie About God's Sovereignty

It was not made as a "Christian" movie, it was not advertised to churches. Local mega-churches did not rent out theaters to show their people this movie, but August Rush is an amazing treatise on God's providence and sovereignty. This movie was like the Biblical accounts of Joesph and Esther wraped up in a 2 hour film. To see how bad things and good things all work themselves towards a ultimate purpose shines forth how God brings forth both calamity and well-being (Isaiah 45:7).

Lauren and I watched this movie on Monday night and it still is sticking with me. It was a movie that had amazing music (click here for soundtrack) and just a great storyline. I think we as Christians sometimes will throw rocks at movies that are not "Christian" and think they have no redeeming value, although usually the opposite is true (e.g. Left Behind). This movie deals with real life issues, and shows their consequences, sometimes in harsh and gut-wrenching ways. This movie though through this shows a God that is concerned with the orphan, and a God who is soverign over all.

Put this on you Netflix today!!

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