Saturday, March 22, 2008

What a 2nd Day...

With my head pounding and barley able to breathe due to allergies I stayed home all day yesterday and sat like a lump on my couch and watched 12 hours of basketball. It was fantastic! The biggest draw back was, was that I missed our Good Friday service at my church, but my head and congestion was so bad I had no energy to go anywhere. So there I sat and watched as the double digit seeds showed why this is the greatest sporting event in the world! My bracket is a total bust, but it has been worth it.

Day 1 had Belmont almost taking down mighty Duke, almost, but Duke has sold their soul to Satan so of course they would win.

Day 2 had buzzer beaters, 2 overtime games in a row, a "big" name school losing to a no name school, what a day!

The 2nd round will be starting in a couple of hours, man I love this month!

Check out ESPN for all the scores!

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