Friday, June 27, 2008

J.R. Giddens and the Sovereignty of God

I would like to think that I had a part in helping J.R. see the sovereignty of God in all things which he talks about here in today's Boston Herald. I didn't, God I believe opened J.R.'s eyes and heart this past year and amazed this young man with His Amazing Grace.

Here is the Calvinistic Quote by Mr. Giddens:

"J.R. Giddens, an explosive, 6-foot-5 scorer from New Mexico, worked out for the Celtics twice Wednesday and impressed the staff enough to get picked last night in New York.

Giddens, whose involvement in a bar fight led to his transfer from Kansas to New Mexico in 2005, believes that experience is partly responsible in preparing him for his new role with the NBA champions.

“I feel like I’ve overcome all those things,” he said. “It helped to build the character that I have now. God does everything for a reason, and I believe he laid out this path for me now. I was a young guy, immature. I made a bad decision."
Ok I may be reading more into this quote, but J.R. was the only player in the draft that mentioned God last night and I thought that was cool.

Click Here for the Boston Hearld's Article on J.R.

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