Thursday, June 12, 2008

What a Way to Watch "End of the Spear"

Lauren and I stole sometime last night to sit down and watch a movie from our Netflix queue called "End of the Spear". This movie is about the Waodani tribe that Jim Elliott and Nate Spain are known for reaching in Central America and the interactions that follow their death. The movie follows Mincayani, who seems to be the leader of this tribe.

I say "seems" because a lot of this movie is done in native tounge, and unless you have subtitles you have no idea what is being said. Our DVD came to us without the subtitles being turned on and Lauren and I not knowing you had to turn them on to understand half of what was being said watched the movie without these subtitles. It made for at times a very confusing movie, but knowing the background to the story it was so moving. We were able to feel the true emotion of the tribe and missionaries that could have been lost if we were just focused in on reading the words on the screen. If you do not know the background story, do not watch it like we mistakingly did otherwise the purpose and drive of the gospel will be lost.

This movie has excited my heart for sharing the gospel in Albuquerque as well as in other countries. All I could think about was John Piper and his push for Sacrificial living for the Gospel, the missionaries in this movie and real life displayed this. Not just the men who were speared to death but the wives who could have gone back to the United States and the comfort of Sunday Church, potlucks and suburbs, they stayed, they ministered, because (speculation) the gospel and Jesus Christ was that much of treasure they had to share it with this tribe. I am hoping within the next year to be flying to a couple of different countries to see how "The Well" Desert Springs Church's College ministry can serve and send out students for short term and long term trips. One of these countries is not friendly to the gospel and is filled with Muslims, this movie excited my heart to be challenged to forsake safety and life it God seems fit for the sake of making Christ look beautiful and the treasure He is.

What I could do though is wait till these trips and waste the 95% of my time here in Albuquerque being comfortable. Albuquerque is my mission field right NOW and I pray by God's Grace alone not to waste this time and to be bold and risky with the sharing of this news that is the only hope for tribes in Ecuador and Muslims in Africa and Suburbanites in Albuquerque.

I really recommend you add "End of the Spear" to your Netflix queue or buy it here

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