Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Would Your Life Change If This Bill Was Passed In The U.S.?

From Radical Womanhood:

The Associated Baptist Press reports this bill was first introduced in 2004 by Sri Lanka's Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) Party -- a political party headed by Buddhist monks. The bill would outlaw religious conversions carried out by "force," "allurement" or other unethical means like taking advantage of a person's "inexperience, trust, need, low intellect, naivety or state of distress." The article continues: Depending on how it's interpreted or enforced, faith-based humanitarian groups fear the law could be used to crack down on all evangelism and encourage violence against evangelical Christians.

My honest question for us here in a country that is open to religion diversity and where conversion is not outlawed is how would this law change your life? Sadly most of our lives may not be that affected by this, because most of us are not active in evangelism, in sharing the gospel. I include myself in a lot of this critique as well. We are good at reading books on being "missional" or on the history of justification, but are we actually speaking to the world, are we out in the coffee shops, workplaces and other gatherings sharing this wonderful news.

I have noticed in my time working at a church that we in "church work" seem to be all about reading the new books, arguing over sometimes really stupid things that in the end are not that important to the here and now of spreading the message of the cross and we never get out to the world, we never spend time with the lost. Here is an idea, let's put down the newest book on culture, theology, missiology-and actually get out and talk to people about Jesus and His Kingdom.

Are You In????

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