Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Z is on Point With This Recommendation

Zach recommended the new Death Cab for Cutie Album, I bought the album and I gotta say Z was on the money on this one. It is a great album especially for me who likes to have music playing while I read. This album is very well put together and while a tad different than their previous album it will not disappoint!. 

Here is the Z's review:
I just got the new Death Cab For Cutie record today and it is GREAT. These guys might be a bit more indie than some of you are used to, but once you get into their style I think it will really grow on you. These guys are have a definite "voice" that is unique and refreshing. They orchestrate great parts and the songs are quirky but very catchy

If you want to purchase this album go through Zach's blog and get it from Amazon, click here.

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