Monday, March 23, 2009

The Church: A Place To Belong

Jud Wilhite pastors a church in Las Vegas. Sin City! His article shows the heart of a pastor who wants people to know, believe and love Jesus. Click here for his article.

Here is an excerpt:

As the most spiritually mature person to ever live, Jesus stands as the model for what a spiritual life looks like. He remained approachable to outsiders and the hurting. His life reveals that the more spiritually mature I am, the more approachable I am to people who feel far from God. As spiritual maturity increases, approachability increases. It is a sad indictment that many outside the faith don't feel like they can approach Christians. In Jesus' day, some of the least approachable people were the religious leaders. They reeked of self-righteousness and judgment. Yet Jesus' life should give us pause:

Am I truly approachable to all kinds of people?
Is the church I belong to open to all kinds of people?
Do I have the compassion of Jesus for those who are hurting or disillusioned?
Does the church I serve have compassion?
Is our compassion evident to others?

These questions, and others like them, are ones that I'm asking more and more lately. The church I serve is far from perfect and we have plenty of room to improve in this area. I pray as we reflect on these questions we'll move toward being more part of the solution as we share God's uncensored grace in an uncompromising way. We'll create cultures of belonging where people can experience the life-changing message of Jesus.

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