Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Brayden!!

Our little boy turns 1 year old today. I am trying to start a tradition of writing my kids letters on their birthdays, so they can look back and see how dad has prayed for them and instructed them to the glory of King Jesus. Here is letter 1 for Brayden:
My little man, I cannot begin to speak of the blessing you have been from Jesus into our family. Your smile, your adventurous spirit and loving nature brings a warmth to our home that is truly from our Lord. I pray daily for your salvation, that your heart would one day treasure, trust and love Jesus above anything and everyone else, including your mom and me! Even now at just 1 year of age your sinful nature comes through at times, that reminds me of all of our desperate need for redemption and saving from God’s wrath and right judgment. That is what Jesus did for us on the cross and through His resurrection, He calls us to trust in that and to love Him and follow Him. That is what my prayers are for you and your big sister Jordyn!

I also think of the man you are becoming. The husband you may one day be. I pray that as I imitate Jesus in how I treat your mom, you will see an example worth following. I pray that you will learn to protect and defend all women. That you will see your call as a man is to lead, and serve with love, gentleness and strength. Your dad is not perfect, he is on a journey to seek and love Jesus more daily and at times I fail, and must preach the beautiful news of Jesus to myself and push forward. I pray that in the good times and in those times of failure, the love, steadfastness and hope you see is not in dad, but in Jesus.

I love you son, you are a blessing and gift from Jesus. Happy Birthday, and I look forward to many more if the Lord so chooses!


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