Thursday, July 9, 2009

Carl Trueman on Hurt and Pain

Has someone hurt you? Are you involved in a conflict with another? Do you feel wronged and have a strong sense that you need to be proven right?

Read Reformation 21's brilliant and convicting piece from Carl Truman, if there is no repentance that comes from this, re-read it!!

Here is an Excerpt:

Expressions of hurt are too often really something else: cowardly attempts by representatives of a cosseted and self-obsessed culture to make themselves uniquely important or, worse still, to bully and cajole somebody they dislike to stop saying things they don't want to hear or which they find distasteful. My advice to such is akin to that of the counselor in the Bob Newhart sketch: Stop it! If somebody's writing or speaking hurts you, ask yourself "Why?", don't whine about the discomfort. Get a grip, get yourself some trousers, stop feeling sorry for yourself, and please, please, please, don't hide behind the aesthetic pietisms of the tiresome and clich├ęd `feel my pain while I process my hurt' posse. Have the backbone, have the decency - nay, have the honesty - to take your licks and move on, either to addressing the substance of the argument or to some area of endeavour that is, well, perhaps less painful and hurtful for you.

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