Wednesday, July 8, 2009

They Saw A Need-And Met It

At the beginning of summer at The Well we discussed the need to not waste our lives on things of this world. We talked about how a wasted life is one that is spent chasing after comfort and safety, after the white picket fence, after the safe home and 401k plan. Through God's word we saw that life is meant to be "wasted" on glorifying God in all things, by making him look Glorious like He is in our words, actions and money.

Students from The Well have taken that call literally and are doing something they call Job 29 Ministries. It is a simple crew that takes food to the homeless and shares the gospel and love of Jesus. They did not need a committee to gather and plan or brainstorm, they just did it, cause Scripture said to do it. They did not wait for people to get behind it or others to see the need, they saw the need and they went. And God is being glorified and spread throughout Albuquerque.

Below is an excerpt on what they do and look forward to in the summer and fall:
We want this ministry to grow! Due to the irregularity of the summer, it is hard to set a specific and regular time to go out and help the poor and homeless of Albuquerque, NM. Many will be out of town frequently this summer, but our hope is to begin going on outreach trips to feed the homeless once a week when school starts. Kelsey and I (Leah) normally take care of all the preparations and then let everyone know where to be and when. However, Kelsey will be moving to Boston come fall and I will gladly accept any help. I will be having a sign-up sheet at The Well (Desert Springs Church) for those who are interested in coming on our outings, to put days and times that are regularly good for you. I will do my best to pick a day and time that will accommodate as many people as possible. Our outings take at the most 3 or 4 hours, but if you take your own transportation you are not required to stay the whole time. I can guarantee you that even though it is hard, it is definitely rewarding. We also want to expand this ministry come fall and winter. We not only want to feed those who are hungry, but we also want to provide blankets, jackets/coats/scarfs, and socks for the cold seasons. We are anticipating great things from our God who is mighty to save!

Click here to check out more from what they are calling Job 29 Ministries

If you are interested in helping email me at

Job 29:12 "I delivered the poor who cried for help, And the orphan who had no helper."

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