Saturday, February 6, 2010

Advice for Young Preachers

CCWblog has some great tips for those of us early in the game of preaching.

1. Take advantage of less formal teaching opportunities.
2. Meditate on your text far longer than on commentaries
3. Teach one thing, not a bunch of things
4. Amplify your comments with colorful words and helpful illustrations
5. Practice out loud what you will say, as you will say it
6. If you use notes, don't constantly look at them
7. Avoid imitating your favorite preacher's style
8. Care for the people you will teach before you teach them something
9. Pray
10. Try Again
Click here for a more in depth look at each point.

I also really agree with this last statement given to the older, more seasoned preachers.

If you are an aspiring preacher, and the opportunity arrives to open up the Bible and tell people what it says and why it matters for their lives, go for it! If you are a pastor, let me encourage you to give other men in your church the opportunity to teach the Bible. Your willingness to subject the congregation to a beginner may give wings to a life of faithful ministry. Even men who have preached thousands of sermons were given their first opportunity. Pour on the encouragement and see what God does.

Props: DashHouse

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