Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Do Not Get Lost in Lost

I get that everyone in the world is stoked that Lost is starting tonight. I am too. As I sit here though I am more aware than ever how foolish it is to get over excited about Lost.

The same excitement we have for Lost we had for the series finale of Friends and Seinfeld. I can honestly say that neither of those “events” changed my life or moved me in a way that influences how I raise my kids or love my wife. Whether or not Jack Bauer saved the world or not did not comfort me when my mom got diagnosed with cancer.

The same goes for sporting events, a Lobo Basketball championship this season would be sweet and I would be tweeting about that for sure, but if and when tragedy strikes in my family that championship ring won’t offer help or hope. It will just sit there, I know I have one.

All this to say, that on our deathbeds we will not look back and highlight our time engulfed by fictional characters on TV or even enthralled by great seasons on the hard-court.

What will matter will be how we loved our kids, that risk that was taken where the outcome was not spelled out. What will matter is whether we told our wife that we love her so much and am so grateful to God for bringing her into my life.

What will matter most of all?

What we did with the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. What will matter will be whether or not we saw our need for a Savior before a Holy God, and the wrath that we deserve. What will matter is the love of God that has been poured out for us by His Son Jesus. The resurrection of that Son and His defeat of sin and death that has happened and one day will fully be seen.

With that said, get stoked about Lost, watch it, record it, talk about…but realize that 10 years, 1 year, 1 week from now, it won’t matter, and be OK with that.

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