Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bliss Apologizes

Former UNM Basketball Coach Dave Bliss this past week apologized and discussed his role in the scandal that rocked Baylor University. Bliss had been demonized in college basketball for his role, but as a former employee and still friend of Coach Bliss I saw a different man. I saw a man that loved his players and staff. I was also friends with Patrick Dennehey who was murdered while attending Baylor which then led into the scandal at Baylor and Bliss's dismissal from the university. Bliss could have just disappeared never to be seen again living a quite life. What is beautiful about this ugly mess is that he didn't, he has not swept this under the rug. He has shown some true repentance. This past week Coach Bliss spoke at the Athletes in Action at the Final Four:
"If I was sitting out there, I would say, how can someone who did some of the things I did ever show up at the Final Four, much less speak at it," Bliss said, speaking at a function for Athletes in Action, a Christian sports ministry.

"When you get past denial for a sin, you can cope with just about anything."

Bliss said pride and pressure led him to commit NCAA violations by making illegal payments, then try to cover them up after Carlton Dotson murdered Patrick Dennehy by urging others to portray the murder victim as a drug-dealer.

"The aspect of a cover-up is in so many sins. The aspect of my cover-up was so disgusting," said Bliss, who spoke with a Bible in his lap and cried and halted at points.

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