Saturday, April 19, 2008

T4G Review Part 2

The first session of the conference featured Ligon Duncan who is pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, MS. Lig discussed the utter importance of not abandoning systematic theology. I had never heard Lig talk live before and was very impressed by his presence. It was a good kick off to the conference for me and from then on I knew that this conference would challenge me and edify this young punk. I often get so caught up in the importance of t meta narratives that I sometimes easily lose sight of the systematic process of viewing scripture and understanding that scripture is clear and definitive on a number of subjects. Although I did not agree totally with Lig's initial talk for I felt that he was a little to far on the pedulum almost ruling out the importance of narrative altogether. This area was somewhat cleared up during the panel discussion that followed where Lig said that Biblical Theology and Systematic Theology are not at odds but are in fact friends of one another.

Besides the session one thing that struck me was the singing, Zach has a post on this, but it was breathtaking to hear 5000 mostly men singing to our Lord. It was a wonderful way to start the conference and it whet my appetite for what was to come.

Click Here for Lig's Message "Sound Doctrine - Essential to Faithful Pastoral Ministry"

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