Friday, April 18, 2008

ESV Study Bible Is Sweeeeeet!!!!

The new Batman movie? Harry Potter? Narnia?? No the most anticipated debut will be coming this fall with the ESV Study Bible! This past week while touring around the bookstore at T4G I got to look at touch the ESV Study Bible at the Crossway exhibit. It is an amazing bible, I will even go out on the limb and say just from the brief reading and look at the bible, it is going to be the most sought after and used Study Bible Ever! So many notes and colored maps and the ESV Translation there is not another Study Bible with these great strengths! I plan to get myself 2 one for home and one of the office, and also purchase one for the leaders of our college ministry when this bible comes out.

Click here for the ESV Study Bible Website.

For me there is another kicker to this all as well, many of the professors at Covenant Theological Seminary where I currently am enrolled are contributors to this great Study Bible, Dr. Sean Michael Lucas lists how Covenant is represented:

  • Jack Collins (Old Testament editor; Psalms; Song of Solomon; "Theology of the Old Testament"; "How the NT Quotes and Interprets the Old");
  • Jay Sklar (Leviticus);
  • Brian Aucker (Joel, Micah, Haggai);
  • Hans Bayer (Mark);
  • David Chapman (NT Archeology editor; Hebrews; "The Roman Empire and the Greco-Roman World"; "Archeology, Ancient History, and the Reliability of the NT"); and
  • Greg Perry ("Old Testament Charts and Timelines").
It also has contributions by emeritus professor Bob Vasholz (Hosea) and current adjunct professors Ken Harris (Exodus; Proverbs) and Dan Doriani ("How to Interpret the Bible").

So yeah I am pretty amped for this Study Bible, and you should be too!

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