Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Birth of a New Church

Redeemer Church in Lubbock Texas had it's first service a couple weeks ago. Dusty Thompson is the preacher of this Acts 29 church and a very gifted preacher. If you are in Lubbock I recommend checking the church out. You will need to check out the website though to see where the church is meeting on any given week. Here is Dusty's take on being 2 weeks in:

In these first two weeks, we sang a lot about Jesus and talked a lot about Jesus. That sounds pretty good. Numerically, we had more people than we were expecting…by quite a bit. In our leadership meetings we were guessing between 150-350 people at the beginning. But no one was expecting 510 and 470 on the first two weeks. People are inviting their friends and we have all kinds of people getting to know us and each other. We have some people that are checking out this whole Christianity thing and others who have been out of meaningful church involvement for a while.

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