Tuesday, January 22, 2008

STL Day 2

Picture taken outside Covenant's Library, yep that is John Calvin!!

Day 2 started off with my first time trip to Covenant Seminary here in St. Louis, MO. This was more than just a 1st time trip to the seminary, for me this was a very long awaited completion that started with a dream of a little boy (ok a little dramatic). I have for the past 4 years been wanting to go to Covenant, and was even accepted 3 years ago, but due to sin in my life I did not end up attending. Now after repentance and a whole lot of life (Married, 2 kids, 3 job changes and now working in my church) I came to the campus, needless to say it was a special experience.

The day started at 8am CT with a small devotional led by our Professor Greg Perry. Dr. Perry talked about how the church is a bunch of different, diverse parts, but how this was and is totally awesome and necessary how the diverse parts make an amazingly beautiful whole that is able to minister and surround the broken and lost with love and family, true family.

We then headed off to class where we dove right into the NT. We discussed the history surrounding when the NT was written; this included the history of the Jewish people leading up to the coming of Jesus Christ. That portion of the day was great as I am a history nerd and really ate it up. Dr. Perry was going about 100 mph and at some points I felt I was on a dirt bike trying to keep up, but it was a great morning. The morning concluded with some headway into how the canon came about.

Lunch was great, mmm sandwiches mmmm.

The afternoon was filled with time over viewing Matthew and Mark. This is where it seemed to get really intense, but also really eye opening. Needless to say today was a very interesting day, and I felt at the end of it that my head was about to pop, but in a good way! We finished the day with a good dinner and then back to the hotel and hot tub for some theological discussion, good times.

I also just finished listening to the Lobo Basketball game; they beat Utah 77-67 in overtime back in Albuquerque. The Well is also going on right now so I am praying for that, but know that Greg Schneeburger is a way way way better preacher than I am, so doubt I am missed that much, which is a good thing in the sense that The Well will never be about one speaker, but about one Christ where our hope and salvation is found.

Well I am off to call my wife, get some work done and then turn in, looking forward to tomorrow!

Oh yeah did I mention the New York Giants are in the Super Bowl??? Just making sure you knew!!!

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