Monday, January 28, 2008

They Like Jesus, Not The Church

I read this book about a year ago, and recommend it to all. Especially to men and women in ministry as we work to evangelize and proclaim the Kingdom in all areas of life. Dan Kimball has now come out with a DVD set that is based on the book, he has taken the people that were in the book and interviewed them for the videos. Whether you think this is just another thing by the Emergent Village people that we should label as liberal or not is not the point. These are real people, with real opinions, these are people that are like many that are at the University of New Mexico right now, or at Starbucks. We need to listen, we need to be culturally aware of what is going on. We cannot simply throw rocks at culture, because as Mark Driscoll says, people live in culture, and no one likes to have rocks thrown at your house.

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Click Here to Order Kimball's newest book "I like Jesus but Not the Church: Following Jesus without Following Organized Religion"

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