Monday, January 21, 2008

STL Here We Come...

Today Vitamin Z, Parker, and I leave for St. Louis for a week long seminary residency which should be fun and intense. I will hopefully have internet access so I can relay the happenings of STL and Covenant Seminary. Three things are on my mind though:

1. I am not the best flier, I am not sure why, I do not think it has anything to do with heights or planes, I think I just don't like not being in control. So that is obviously a sin issue I got to fight, so pray for me as we fly out today that I would trust God and that He would be my treasure and I would learn to be vulnerable more than I am.

2. The other thing on my mind is the weather in STL, I am a desert kid and anything below 40 degrees is way way too cold for me, and it looks to be pretty cold out there, not good not good at all.

3. The most important one is that my daughter is 2 years old today, we are going to have breakfast with her before I leave to celebrate. 2 years!!! Wow my parents were not kidding when they said that time flies.

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