Monday, January 28, 2008


I realize I have taken a couple of days to finish up my summary of what went on in STL, but good things come to those who wait!

The last 2 days were jammed packed just like the previous ones. Friday we dove right into the general epistles (James, Jude, Peter) it is so great to dive deeper into these books that so often I myself overlook. Prof. Perry then dove into thinking about what it means to be Christian. What does this look like?? Is it about being republican and not drinking? NO! It is about worship and witness of our Great God revealed through the person Jesus Christ the Son of God, to redeem and reclaim creation! What a thought!!

Friday night was our last night in STL so me and the fellas head out to “Schnucks” the local grocer in STL, and an awesome name, just don’t play the name game with it! We grabbed a six pack of beer from a local brewery and proceeded to head back to the hotel for a last theological discussion in the hot tub.

The final day was only a half day that included our presentations for our NT project. It went quickly and even involved a power outage for an hour or so, fun times!!

The flight back was long 6hrs of stops and layovers and bumpy flights and we were back in the ABQ, tired and excited to see our wives and kids!

All in all a great trip, I am so blessed to have parents who are supporting me in this venture! I look forward to the next Residency coming in July, to seeing new friends and diving deeper into God’s amazing Word!!!

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