Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bible Trumps Creativity

Craig Groeschel who is known for leading the way in many creative and innovative things within the church has some very wise words for those who may think creativity is priority.

Without question, we at LifeChurch.tv have worked hard to be creative and relevant. We’ve never shied away from having fun in church. But creativity, relevance, and fun should never be the top goals when planning the weekend worship experience.

  • Jesus never said, “You will watch this funny video, and the funny video will set you free.”
  • John the Baptist never said, “Creativity must increase and I must decrease.”
  • Paul never proclaimed, “We should preach relevance and relevance crucified.”

Perhaps some pastors are unintentionally omitting the more important questions.

  • Instead of asking, “What will bring glory to God?” some appear to be asking, “What will bring in a crowd?”
  • Instead of asking, “How do we communicate Scripture accurately?” some are asking, “How can we be creative?”
  • Instead of asking, “How can we truly disciple those in our church?” some are asking, “How can we get people back to church?”

While the second question in each bullet point is not wrong to ask, if we aren’t asking the first questions, we are drifting into dangerous territory.

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