Friday, May 1, 2009

Ray Ortlund Jr and Sam Storms on Missional Living on the Campus

I got the privilege along with the rest of Desert Springs’ staff and other pastors from local churches in Albuquerque to have lunch with Ray Ortlund Jr. and Sam Storms. today.

During this time we had a Q and A session in which we could ask them a question. So below I posted my question along with the answers from these 2 awesome men!

Q: Being a director of a college ministry I interact with many young adult christians who go to UNM and CNM. These campuses are not very friendly to Christianity and those that would share the gospel. How can I encourage those that come to The Well in how they engage the campuses?


  1. (Ray Ortlund Jr.) Be prepared to suffer. It is like a quote from “Braveheart” where it is before a battle and someone asks William Wallace “Where are you going?” and he replies “I’m going to pick a fight.” We must have the same mindset. We will suffer. Darkness hates light. We cannot be afraid to pierce the darkness, even in the face of persecution and rejection. Christ was crucified and told us that we should not expect any different treatment, the servant is no greater than the master. Suffering is what brings about revival, not comfort, not safety, suffering!

  1. (Sam Storms) Have a good understanding of the sovereignty of God. Understanding that doctrine will not mean that suffering will not happen, but makes it bearable. Knowing that God will grow the seed, that God changes hearts and that nothing, not even persecution is out of His hands will change how we approach it all. It should free us up to evangelize and suffer well.

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