Sunday, February 10, 2008

Before Theological Undies Get Bunched Up

So the bloggers have been freaking out over the Newsweek article that says Tim Keller believes in a evolution. What did we in the evangelical community do?? Did we stop and investigate, or did we start rallying around burning Keller books, depends who you ask but it seems a lot were getting out their match books. So before anyone starts calling Keller a Heretic, or worse a liberal, too late for MacArthur-ites I know but still. Here is a clarification from someone that did investigate and asked Keller his views, Ed Stetzer:

Tim Keller responds:
We should be charitable to the writer on the issues mentioned. They are pretty minor.

Yes, it isn't my first book, but the last one was over 20 years ago. I don't preach at all 5 services--I preach 4 and every week someone from the preaching team preaches the fifth one.

I wouldn’t in the least style myself a new C.S. Lewis (who would want a new one when the old one is still so great) but she got that from publicity copy written by well-meaning people at Penguin.

I wouldn't want to characterize myself as another Rick Warren but she likes Rick and wouldn't see that as a negative statement.

I believe in the historicity of Gen 1-11 and Adam and Eve and I don't believe in young earth-creation or six 24-hour day creation, but, as far as she's concerned, that means I believe somewhat in evolution. She's not used to the fine distinctions on these things we make inside the church.

Also, I've never lived anywhere near Georgia (but maybe I've spent so much time in the airport it's affected my accent!)

And even the statement that my book disappointed her in comparison to my preaching is actually true—I’m a better speaker than writer, and always will me. That was more a compliment to the preaching than a criticism of the book.

Despite this list of nits to pick, it was an overall positive, even warm article, especially considering it comes from someone whose beliefs are so different. The writer clearly likes the church and appreciates the ministry in many ways. So I'm glad for her efforts.

Props: Ed Stetzer

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