Saturday, February 2, 2008

C.J. On The Super Bowl and God's Glory

C.J. Mahaney one of my favorite pastors and teachers has first off started a new blog, and in that blog has given us instructions on how to view this game to God's glory. Here is a little quote

"Sometime after the game—that same evening or the next day—it’s helpful for a father to draw his child’s attention to the game in light of eternity. It’s also helpful for us as fathers to be reminded of an eternal perspective.

Apart from those few who listen excessively to sports talk radio, this game will be quickly forgotten. Let me ask you this—who won the Super Bowl even five years ago?"

Although I greatly respect C.J. here is one thing I found I was in disagreement with:

"Okay, on to predictions. Who will win? I predict that New England will win easily and decisively. How’s that for a bold and risky prediction?"

C.J. does redeem himeself a little:

"Who do I want to win? I cannot believe I’m saying this, but Sunday I will be rooting for the New York Giants.

As a lifelong fan of the Washington Redskins, it’s most unusual for me to root for the Giants. The Giants are a division rival. In the NFC East, I scorn teams in order of priority. I despise the Dallas Cowboys. I strongly dislike the New York Giants. I dislike the Philadelphia Eagles. Just like my dad taught me."

Yes C.J. is a Redskins fan which shows that we are all messy and no one makes perfect decisions.

The rest of the blog is funny and insight full Click here for C.J.'s take on the Super Bowl.

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