Monday, February 4, 2008

The Morning After...

5 weeks ago no one thought the NY Giants would 1 make it past the 1st round of the playoffs, 2. Make it to the Super Bowl after beating Tampa, Dallas, and Green Bay and 3. Beat the Patriots, something no one had done this season.

It is funny how things change in 5 weeks!! The New York Giants are Super Bowl Champs, the New England Patriots are the "what could have been" team of the decade, and Super Bowl 42 may be one of the best ever. The bandwagon for people who are now stoked on the Giants, and know names like Eli, Plaxico and Coughlin, yes this happens and I say welcome aboard!!! It was a fairy tale game, that really caps a fairy tale, movie type story for the NY Giants over the past 4 years.

A troubled coach that can never get to the big game, a underacheiving quarterback who lives in the shadow of older all American brother. It is a story of a bunch of no names who lose their first 2 games of the season badly, who are basically invisible the whole season. thi team makes it to the playoffs barely, beats the teams that beat them at the start of the year in dramatic fashion on the road. And then takes on the "best team ever", a team that was undefeated and seemed unstopable. This team has the confident, quarterback, this team has the coach that not just makes to to the big one but does so quite often. And what happens, the underdog wins, they do so in the last minute with movie type plays, plays where the music is dramatic and everything goes in slow motion, plays that only Hollywood can script. Coming to a theater near you!!!

Yes I watched the 4th quarter 2x last night as I could not sleep, yes I watched all the highlights and am currently wearing my NY Giants sweatshirt. I am not a player, I am not even a New Yorker, I am a New Mexican, but today is special, I cannot explain it, but it feels like a holiday, like a day that you just don't want to end. Ok maybe I am a tad bit dramatic but still it is awesome ride for Giants fans!!!

Zach posted this play, a play that we will see over and over again, one that will be in a movie someday, and one that shows the ending to a true storybook season!

It is a good day to be a Giants fan!!!! It is a good off season to be a Giants fan!!! And it is awesome to be in New Mexico, aka Dallas Cowboy country and be a Giants fan!!!!

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