Friday, February 8, 2008

That's a Big 10-4

A couple of nights ago I was flipping around the channels and came upon one of the classics, one that lives among the greats of cinematic feats. What movie was it?? Smokey and the Bandit!! This movie is all things 70's and I love it, I mean to see Burt Reynolds in all bell bottomed glory and just the coolness that was the CB Radio. It is one of  those movies  that remind you of watching it when you were younger, I remember after my 10th birthday party coming home from Pistol Pete's Pizza and playing with all my new toys and watching this movie on the local TV station. This movie made me want to first, grow a killer mustache, and also drive a semi-truck and rock the CB radio.  I know what you are asking yourself right now, but Los don't you mock and dislike all things NASCAR and redneck, to that I say yes, yes I do. There is something about this movie though that when it is on I cannot change the channel, I am the same way with, Footloose, Top Gun, any Rocky movie and of course any episode of Night Court. So I commend going to Blockbuster or throwing good ole' Smokey on your Netflix queue and watch a cinematic masterpiece tonight with the wife!!!

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  1. "A Big 10-4 on that suggestion. Updating my Netflix queue now.