Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pray for The City's Youth

At my church we are as a body going through a daily prayer journal called "Seek the City for God: 2008". Each day we pray for different people in our great city of Albuquerque. Yesterday was the start of this prayer campaign and we prayed for the men of our town.

I want as much as I can to show a practical way to pray for certain aspects of our daily guide. Toda for instance is youth. The youth in Albuquerque according to stats (as much as you can believe them) are some of the poorest and products of broken homes in the nation. One ministry here in Albuquerque is doing something different than the usual throw money at the problem and hope it goes away. East Central Ministries is a ministry that is located in the "war zone" of Albuquerque, what they have done is invaded the neighborhood, moved in and are helping the people there learn to be self sufficient and in someways take back their own neighborhood, all the while spreading the cause of Jesus. This ministry is not about outside, rich white suburbanites coming to the rescue, instead they are about the locals making the difference. They have even transformed a old halfway house that really was just a crack house into a school for 18 students that are learning skills for the University, and also skills to become community leaders. Our church supports this ministry but does so in a very behind the scenes way, we do not want to be the "suburban church" to the rescue when rescue is not needed, instead we pray, we financially support and at times help with tutoring or even unloading trucks, but for this ministry less is more. Much more. So if you get a chance pray for the people of East Central Ministries here in Albuquerque and the change they are doing for the cause of Jesus in our city and among our youth!!!


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