Friday, February 22, 2008

Women and Pornography

As a young man I understand and meet with guys that struggle agains and some that are flat out addicted to porn. It saddens me to talk to these men after they have been "beaten" and have rebelled by going to porn sites. I do not say they slipped on the net or fell into sin, cause that makes light of what sin is. We do not slip into sin like we would a banana peel, it is not an accident. We actively, and wantonly rebel against our Creator. This is not something I have come up with, but something my teaching pastor at Desert Springs Church, Ryan Kelly, told me and my then fiance now wife when we discussed our sexual sin in our relationship.

The crazy thing about porn addiction is that it is not a man only sin, yes it is a sin that men more often chase after than women, it is becoming more and more common for women to chase after this sin as well. Anne Jackson over at Flower Dust has a great post and a re-print of an article she wrote confessing her own sin of lust with porn. As well as here repentance and active struggle against her sin.

Here is a quote:

porn addiction is an ugly thing, and stats show over 1/3 of porn viewers are female - and that is just the number of women who are courageous enough to admit to it. stigmatized as a man’s problem, after this article was published, i’ve received literally hundreds of emails from women who are desperate to confess and be restored.

I urge you, man and woman, father and mother of a daughter to read this article!

Props: Flower Dust

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